Airbnb Real Estate Investments in North Germany

During the second quarter of 2021, we will explore the possibility of new real estate investments in Germany, our representatives will develop new leads for potential Airbnb apartments in the region.

North Germany is a popular vacation destination for a lot of reasons. Coastal cities situated near the Baltic Seas appeal to travelers looking for a beach destination. Those looking for a countryside escape may consider traveling to Hamburg, while historical enthusiasts can stroll back in time in Bremen or Berlin.

Because so many people love to visit North Germany, it has become a city of interest for Airbnb investors. But is it a good idea? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Airbnb real estate investments in the North of Germany.

Pros and Cons of Investing in AirBnB in North Germany

Consider these things before investing in the Airbnb market in North Germany.


Benefits of Airbnb rentals in North Germany include:

  • Lots of tourists means lots of potential customers
  • Lower costs to buy housing in many North Germany cities than in other parts of the country
  • Many remote workers are relocating, at least temporarily, to the German countryside, making now a lucrative time to invest in Airbnb for short or long-term rentals


Consider these downsides of investing in an Airbnb rental in North Germany before you buy:

  • Recent restrictions in Berlin make it challenging to sublet your property as a vacation home without incurring a stiff fine
  • Hamburg and Berlin are among the more expensive cities for real estate investors
  • Coronavirus restrictions have lowered the number of people traveling around Germany and may continue to do so for the foreseeable future

If investing in Airbnb properties in the North of Germany is appealing, the next step is to find one. Make sure to review AirBnB’s guidelines for hosts in Germany before investing in real estate to ensure you can meet their requirements and expectations.