Business Development for investing in Thailand

The end of the corona in the outline we knew, the soaring inflation and the lack of stability in the capital markets are returning many investors to the real estate industry.

The traditional investors in real estate are diverse and according to their investment goals.

As part of the business developing for some of our real estate clients’ we focus on unique opportunities arising from the market situation in a geographic sector, high yield, taxation and economic aspects.

As part of an activity to analyze the markets and locate opportunities, several projects were located in Phuket, Thailand. The selected projects are managed by huge and established companies that operate hotels, huge complexes and commercial centers.

The current conditions in the industry and in Phuket have matured the conditions for small (around $200,000) and medium (up to $1 million) investors to invest in projects in which there is a commitment to a return on investment (ROI) of 5%-7% net , for a period of 3-5 years and then passive income, which according to the best economists, the returns will be 6% -9% not including ROI on the value of the property itself.

The properties include furnished apartments of various sizes: from a 28 square meter studio apartment to 60 square meter apartments and priced from $120,000.To state that the investor will receive full ownership on the property in the land registry that was purchased.There are various models for transactions as is customary in many parts of the world, from a lease contracts (for 30 years to 90 years) to a full ownership contracts.Due to the fact that the projects are managed by huge and professional companies like Wyndham, the property will also be managed after its construction with high and professional standards for the welfare of the investors and tenants in the projects.We recently opened business relationships and met with leading real estate agencies in Thailand  as (ex. PULSE REAL ESTATE) and together we can guarantee our clients the best and secure investments.You are welcome to contact us regarding investing in Phuket projects.Below are links to several example projects:

Platinum Bay

 Layan Green Park

Investing in Phuket