Investing in French Riviera

South of France represent wealth, luxury and wellbeing of the rich and the famous.

The demand for vacation apartments is high and is increasing year by year.

Property owners enjoy steady income and the ability to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Today more than ever the demand for property in the French Riviera  is high. The covid19 and the understanding that you live only once and should enjoy your life have brought investors and property owners to live in the French Riviera .This region enjoys Mediterranean climate and relaxed rhythm all part of leaving the “jet stream lifestyle”.

New trends of investing opportunities have reached this region.

One of those trends is purchasing properties for low price (up to 30%-35% discount) from an elderly owner that is willing to sell his property for low price but to stay and live in it during his last years.

In that way the investor purchases a high value property for a low price and enjoys a profit that includes the low price and the yearly increase in value (5%-7% in villas and 15%-17% in apartments).

Young-BD is working with local real estate agencies that are expert for this region, including: Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Marseille, Mentone and more….

For additional information and to get in touch with our local partners, please contact us and we will escort you through those exiting opportunities.


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