Investing in French Riviera

South of France represent wealth, luxury and wellbeing of the rich and the famous. The demand for vacation apartments is high and is increasing year by year. Property owners enjoy steady income and the ability to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Today more than ever the demand for property in the French […]

Business Development for investing in Thailand

The end of the corona in the outline we knew, the soaring inflation and the lack of stability in the capital markets are returning many investors to the real estate industry. The traditional investors in real estate are diverse and according to their investment goals. As part of the business developing for some of our […]

Airbnb Real Estate Investments in North Germany

During the second quarter of 2021, we will explore the possibility of new real estate investments in Germany, our representatives will develop new leads for potential Airbnb apartments in the region. North Germany is a popular vacation destination for a lot of reasons. Coastal cities situated near the Baltic Seas appeal to travelers looking for […]

The Impact of the COVID-19 on the Airbnb Apartment Market

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to real estate investors. The Airbnb apartment market has taken an especially interesting turn during the pandemic. As travel restrictions increased, many expected to see Airbnb hosts struggle to fill their spaces. However, as researchers from the University of Nevada discovered, Airbnb hosts who maintained a standard level of cleanliness […]

Turn Your Apartment into a Smart Home

With advanced technology, apartment owners can easily transform their homes into smart homes. No matter how old or what size your space is, you can use smart home technology to make it more comfortable, convenient, and energy-efficient. What is a Smart Home? The term “smart home” refers to any home that is equipped with automated […]

Investing in Airbnb Apartments in Austria

Following the launch of a project about Airbnb apartments investments in Austria and Germany, below is important information regarding this topic. Vienna, Austria, has held the honor of having the highest quality of living out of every city in the world for over a decade. This is just one of the many factors that make […]

Business development under the restrictions of the coronavirus.

Reality has changed. The routine we were familiar with will no longer go back to what it was. We are working with our customers and business partners to develop solutions, identify and exploit opportunities in the restrictions of the coronavirus in order to empower their business and customer benefits. The projects include: Developing and marketing […]

Short-term renting apartments adjusted to the guidelines of the coronavirus

At the beginning of the first quarter, we launched a project aimed at setting standards for short-term apartments that are adapted and protected from the coronavirus. In a joint activity with apartment management, marketing companies, pest control and microbiological experts, infrastructure was laid down to allow businessmen, locals, and tourists to rent apartments that will […]